Ultimate Asteroids Arcade Pack 1.2
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Ultimate Asteroids Arcade Pack 1.2

Ultimate Asteroids Arcade Pack is a four games pack for Windows
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Ultimate Asteroids Arcade Pack is a pack of four arcade games for Windows. From the user interface, we can choose to play any of these four games: Asteroids Classic, Asteroids Retro, Astro Hunter 3D Deluxe and Astro Blast Extreme.
Asteroids Classic is a classic asteroid game where we are in a command of a spaceship, which cannot be moved from one place to another, unless we destroy all the flying asteroids. We can rotate in a 360-degree angle and shoot as many missiles as we can. Our mission is to destroy the asteroids before they destroy us.
Asteroids Retro is exactly the same game as Asteroids Classic, the only difference is the one in user interface, where the spaceship and asteroids are not filled with color, but only their perimeters are painted in electric light blue color.
Astro Hunter 3D Deluxe features a cosmic battlefield. The aim of this game is to destroy as many asteroid/UFO as possible while trying not to be hit by any of them. Our spaceship can only rotate in a 360-degree angle.
Astro Blast Extreme is again a cosmic battlefield, but our spaceship is located at the bottom of the screen and we can move it left and right. All sorts of objects (asteroids, UFO, mines, square blocks) are continuously dropping over our head (if we let them do so). We should hit and destroy them before they catch us.
The four games have a high score table, easy-to-use interface, and many customizable options. We can evaluate this collection free of charge.

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